Intake Details/Referral Forms

Intake Details

Who We Serve 

We support female identifying individuals/families who have experienced domestic violence or who have a history of trauma.  

Please note: We operate from a harm reduction lens. 


      • Must have a source of income 
      • Must engage in onsite programming 
      • Must not have debt owing to Calgary Housing 
      • Maximum 3 children per household (due to size of units) 
      • Admission is based off Calgary Housing eligibility as our units are subsidized 

How to Access 

To apply for our programming, please complete a referral form. We do not currently have availability; however, we will add folks to the waitlist upon receipt of a completed referral form. 

Waitlist Process 

Once the referral is received by us, we will call you to confirm receipt of referral. Due to our waitlist, the next step in the process is to wait for a unit to become available. During this waiting period please contact us with any changes in your contact information.   

Next Steps 

When a unit is close to being available, you will be contacted to confirm you still need our support and, if so, to complete a few more necessary pieces of intake paperwork. 

Phone: (403) 860-9412 


Referral Form: Shared Intake Referral Form – HHN Updated


How long can I reside with you? 

      • Our Shelter program is up to 1 year for singles/families. 
      • Our Progressive Housing program, also up to 1 year in length, can only be accessed after completing a shelter stay with us and is only available to families. 

Do I have to apply to each second stage shelter in Calgary separately or do you participate in a shared intake process? 

      • You do not have to apply to each Calgary based second stage shelter separately! Heart Home Network is part of a shared intake process; completion of one referral can help you apply to all eligible second stage shelters in Calgary. 

Am I still eligible to stay on the Calgary Housing waitlist if I access your program? 

      • Good question! Unfortunately, you are not eligible to remain on the Calgary Housing waitlist if you decide to access our services. You would need to reapply for Calgary Housing when you are close to your end of stay with us. 

What type of units do you have? 

      • We have a mix of bachelor, 1 bedroom, and 2-bedroom self-contained units. Your unit will be assigned based on current availability and family composition.  

Please note: We only have 6 units total available for single clients, so our waitlist is often quite long for these spaces. 

Are there restrictions on visitors while I stay? 

      • Yes. There are restrictions for daytime and overnight guests. 

Is there security onsite? 

      • Yes, we have a secure entrance with double locking doors – you need to ring a doorbell to gain entry. Our building is also staffed 24 hrs. a day with security. 

What type of programming do you offer and what does engagement look like? 

      • We offer onsite Case Management, Counselling, Group Workshops, onsite Child Development Centre (please note this is not daycare and instead acts as respite child minding for a limited numbers of hours per week), Parenting Support, etc. You are required to engage with your team at least once a week. 

What if my family composition changes? 

      • We will do our best to support you and your family based on your unique needs. This includes supporting folks who are working to get their children back into their care.