Positions Available

Child Development Centre

This role consists of helping take care of the kiddos at our on-site daycare. Shifts available are daytime, evening, and weekend. If you love to let out your inner child, this role is for you!

Front Desk

This role consists of answering phones, buzzing people in and out of the building, and providing basic directions to residents when they ask questions. Shifts available weekdays over lunch. Ideal for sociable people who enjoy helping others!

We are not currently recruiting for this role. We encourage you to look at our other volunteer positions to find a role that suits you! 


This role consists of assisting children in residence with their homework. Flexible schedule, usually evenings or weekends. Great for an independent and self-directed person.

We are not currently recruiting for this role. We encourage you to look at our other volunteer positions to find a role that suits you! 

Home Décor

This role consists of decorating apartments for new families moving in. Flexible schedule. Ideal for those with the special talent to make a house a home.

We are not currently recruiting for this role. We encourage you to look at our other volunteer positions to find a role that suits you! 

Donations Station

This role consists of sorting incoming donations, organizing storage rooms, and delivering unused donations to our partners. Flexible schedule available. Ideal for those who want to ensure “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

Programs Support

This role consists of supporting the groups and programs that we are running. These may include Pet Access League Society (PALS), addictions recovery, parenting, job skills, and more. Various shifts available. Perfect for socializers and organizers!

Youth Program Facilitator

This role consists of supporting our youth drop-in nights and building positive relationships with youth in residence. One evening per week. Ideal for individuals with strong communication skills and experience working with youth.

Volunteer Commitment- We ask that volunteers commit to 1 shift every week (or two weeks, depending on the role) for at least 3 months. 

Getting Started with us: 

From application to first shift, the process usually takes 1-3 weeks. This can be sped up or delayed fitting your needs and schedule. 

  1. Complete our online application  
  2. Within 1 week of application, you will be emailed to schedule a 15–20-minute phone interview 
  3. After the interview, should you decide to pursue volunteering, you will submit a police check and accept our volunteer policies. Once those are submitted, we will arrange a 1:1 training date 
  4. After your training shift you are officially a volunteer and can start on a regular schedule! 

Although it is no longer mandatory, HHN continues to strongly encourage all staff and volunteers to be fully immunized for COVID-19, and to remain up to date with booster doses of the vaccine as they become eligible in accordance with current public health recommendations and eligibility requirements (refer to AHS Vaccine Eligibility). 

Special Requests: 

Are you a good role model, or do you know of one? We have an urgent need for positive male influences for our women and children who unfortunately have not had good experiences with men in their lives. All our volunteer roles are perfectly suited to both men and women, and we would love to see some more friendly male faces around the Network! 

Most of our roles are well-suited for couples, friends, and parents with older children wishing to volunteer together. If you are nervous about volunteering on your own, you are welcome to bring a friend or family member to join our team! 

Our volunteer philosophy is to make volunteering a beneficial and enjoyable experience for all our volunteers, staff, and residents. We do our best to cater to the needs of our volunteers and remove barriers to volunteering. If you have any special requests or accommodations, please let us know and we will do our best to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. 

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