Survive and Thrive

About the Survive and Thrive Campaign

The Brenda Strafford Centre has been supporting women and children for over 25 years. These supports include shelter, counselling, childcare, programming and much more that help prepare women for a future in the community – one that is free from violence. When a woman and/or family comes to the Centre, they are bravely seeking a new start. We want to ensure that this recovery is successful. When you give a gift to our Survive and Thrive campaign, you are supporting a much longer lasting impact for a woman and/or a family. These funds will be used to create momentum far beyond their time spent at the Centre, and aid in the mission of the organization to make lasting change that would positively impact everyone in the community.  

For women like Sarah, your donation has the ability to change her life. Sarah left an abusive relationship and has been at the Centre seeking support and shelter. Sarah is wanting to return to the community and get a job to become financially independent but there are many barriers that stand in her way. This story is the story of many of our clients and this is why we are introducing our Survive and Thrive Campaign to raise the necessary funds to set up clients for long term success and independence year-round. To help reduce barriers and build confidence. With your support we can ensure that our clients have what they need to make this upcoming year ahead their best year yet. Better yet – for the years to follow to be full of community, empowerment, and opportunity. 

Help women and children Survive and Thrive

Give the gift of OPPURTUNITY- $1000 

$1000 provides furnishing to a Second-Stage Shelter apartment for the year while a women and her children begin to build back their lives free from violence. 


Give the gift of SAFETY – $500 

$500 supplies a family with the items they need to not rely on a past abuser; such as: a cellphone and plan, funds for clothing and medication. 


Give the gift of EMPOWERMENT- $250 

$250 provides meals and care for one child for the week at the Brenda Strafford Centre ‘Child Development Centre’ to focus on the specific needs and prepare them for education and learning. 


Give the gift of COMMUNITY – $100 

$100 is needed for each weekly program offered to the women, mothers and children at the Centre as a means to bond and build connection in a new environment. 

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

We are all about setting goals and achieving them here at the Centre. That’s why we are looking for 150 DONORS for the Survive and Thrive campaign. Help us achieve our goal and inspire others to do the same! 

Thank you for extending the love of your home into ours at the Brenda Strafford Centre. Your generosity makes all the difference for those who need the support. Everyone deserves to feel safe at home.