Some disheartening news…

Sadly, we have some disheartening news...

On Saturday November 14th, a sprinkler malfunctioned and activated on the 3rd floor of our shelter. The resulting water damage displaced 3 families and destroyed most of their belongings and furnishings. The apartments affected are uninhabitable, and many personal items of an irreplaceable nature have been lost including photographs, documents and special toys. For these families that have already been uprooted, this is absolutely devastating. 

The water also caused extensive damage to our Board Room, our lobby, our landings, some office areas and the exterior of our Centre. We have been able to temporarily relocate families impacted, but now begin the long process of remediation and repair. We will be able to count on insurance for help, but our policy carries a $50,000 deductible (which is normal for this type of commercial policy). In a time when we have already seen a more than 30% reduction in revenue/funding, this will have a huge impact on our operations. We did not budget for a $50,000 unplanned cost – especially right before the holiday season when we need to put resources towards supporting families. We had hoped to be able to supplement the reduced funds we will be receiving from donors and supporters, who are also struggling in this difficult time, to ensure that we can give every family a Merry Christmas with a hamper and small gifts. This may not be possible now that we are facing such a large unexpected bill.

But we know we can get through this!

But we know we can get through this with your help!

We are gratefully accepting donations of new toys, household items, clothing, holiday treats and food to help make the holidays brighter for our 81 resident families. Cash donations of any amount will help us weather this crisis and continue our critical work. We know we will get through this together as a community. And we thank you for anything you can do to help.

You can help families with a donation this season.

You can help families with a donation this season. Funds raised during the holidays are eligible for matching!